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  1. FDIC Takes over Silicon Valley Bank - (fdic.gov)
  2. Llama.cpp: Port of Facebook's LLaMA model in C/C++, with Apple Silicon support - (github.com/ggerganov)
  3. A SVB short seller explains red flags he saw months ago - (fortune.com)
  4. “Clean Code, Horrible Performance” Discussion - (github.com/unclebob)
  5. 129-year-old vessel still tethered to lifeboat found on floor of Lake Huron - (smithsonianmag.com)
  6. Coinbase suspending USDC:USD conversions over the weekend - (twitter.com/coinbase)
  7. Saving 4M books from landfill - (archive.org)
  8. Disambiguating Arm, Arm ARM, ARMv9, ARM9, ARM64, AArch64, A64, A78, ... - (nickdesaulniers.github.io)
  9. Modern Symbolics Lisp Machine Keyboard Replica: Keymacs A620N-88 - (instagram.com)
  10. Evidence of a predictive coding hierarchy in the human brain listening to speech - (nature.com)
  11. What Is Systems Programming, Really? - (willcrichton.net)
  12. Launch HN: Defer (YC W23) – Zero-infrastructure background jobs for Node.js
  13. $3.3B of the ~$40 billion of USDC reserves remain at SVB - (twitter.com/circle)
  14. Growing crops under solar panels - (fastcompany.com)
  15. First Republic Bank files 8-K – Tech only 4% of total deposits; no sector >9% - (firstrepublic.com)
  16. The Basics of Arm64 Assembly - (deusinmachina.net)
  17. SVB depositors, investors tried to pull $42B Thursday - (bloomberg.com)
  18. Outlaws at War in the Middle Ages - (historytoday.com)
  19. Wells Fargo clients report missing deposits as bank works on fix - (thinkadvisor.com)
  20. SF payroll firm Rippling has to delay payouts after Silicon Valley Bank collapse - (sfgate.com)
  21. Emergency bridge loan for SVB customers - (brex.com)
  22. Shane Pitman, leader of the warez group Razor 1911: life after prison (2005) - (defacto2.net)
  23. Avoiding visible texture repetition (2015) - (iquilezles.org)
  24. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Last Act - (theatlantic.com)
  25. The collapse of SVB exposes the largest crack in the economy - (brooock.com)
  26. What does Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse mean for the financial system? - (economist.com)
  27. Who reads your email? - (netmeister.org)
  28. Charge Robotics (YC S21) is hiring meches to build robots that build solar farms - (ycombinator.com)
  29. Why Write? - (fs.blog)
  30. Giving the finger is a ‘God-given right’, Canadian judge rules - (soquij.qc.ca)

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