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  1. Large language models are having their Stable Diffusion moment - (simonwillison.net)
  2. Secret Colours of the Commodore 64 - (aaronbell.com)
  3. The DeLorean Alpha - (delorean.com)
  4. Show HN: Hacker News LCD Badge - (github.com/jareklupinski)
  5. Reversing a packet protocol: The FusionFall protocol (2020) - (openpunk.com)
  6. The water technology behind Avatar: The Way of Water - (unity.com)
  7. The threat on your desk: Building an evil USB-C dock - (aurainfosec.io)
  8. Map of an Insect’s Brain - (smithsonianmag.com)
  9. Physical Knobs and Elixir - (underjord.io)
  10. Common Beginner Mistakes with React - (joshwcomeau.com)
  11. OldLinux: Ancient Linux Resources - (oldlinux.org)
  12. Llama.cpp: Port of Facebook's LLaMA model in C/C++, with Apple Silicon support - (github.com/ggerganov)
  13. ChatGPT's API is so good and cheap, it makes most text generating AI obsolete - (minimaxir.com)
  14. Living the writing life means living with failure - (washingtonpost.com)
  15. Mechanical aircraft weight and balance computer using whippletrees - (airwaysmuseum.com)
  16. Google over-hired talent to do ‘fake work’, claims Keith Rabois - (yahoo.com)
  17. SVB Securities Management Exploring Buying Firm Back - (bloomberg.com)
  18. Did air pollution influence famous impressionist painters? - (smithsonianmag.com)
  19. Tether USDT is trading at $1.01 - (coinmarketcap.com)
  20. An open-source database of companies affected (or not) by the collapse of SVB - (affectedbysvbornot.com)
  21. The rise and fall of Birchbox, the startup valued at nearly $500M has vanished - (businessinsider.com)
  22. What are the demographics of stars visible to the naked eye? - (physics.stackexchange.com)
  23. Vinyl Records Outsell CDs for the First Time Since 1987 - (wsj.com)
  24. Repairing a tiny ribbon cable inside a 28 year old IBM ThinkPad 701c - (jgc.org)
  25. A Window into the Medieval Mind - (thecritic.co.uk)
  26. SVB lobbied the government to relax some Dodd-Frank provisions - (fortune.com)
  27. An Update on USDC and Silicon Valley Bank - (circle.com)
  28. Energy Is a Form Giver - (worldsensorium.com)
  29. Ask HN: More magazines like Quanta and Noema?
  30. Ivy League Schools Sure Look Like a Cartel - (bloomberg.com)

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